Neon Roller Skates - 2-in-1 Combo

Children can give their standard sneakers an upgrade with Neon Street Rollers – colorful wheel sets with bases that allow tightening for their foot size.

This vehicle requires the player to stand while riding it, unlike Hoverboard or Heart Hoverboards. When jumping or moving forwards on this vehicle, a front flip animation occurs while when moving it features unique roller skating animation.

Product Description

Neon Street Rollers are an innovative vehicle designed for kids that rest atop their sneakers, providing them with an upgraded rolling experience. Similar to Heelys, players can adjust the width of its base for optimal fitting; once on, children can jump while using it for unique front flip animation in-game. Available as small or big gifts at $ 199 each or through trading with other players; once purchased they can even customize its color!

Product Features

Our 2-in-1 neon combo skates are the ideal starting point for young skaters ages 6-13 to learn to skate, being user-friendly with no assembly or tools necessary – just strap them onto any standard sneaker, and start skating away!

Contrary to traditional quad skates with fixed axles in the center of each foot, our street rollers feature adjustable sizing that stretches as your child grows taller. They come equipped with built-in comfy liners and vented PP shells to provide comfortable wear; plus LED lights in their PU wheels light up when they move – making riding them fun and exciting.

Yvolution Neon Street Rollers make an excellent present for both boys and girls of any age. Designed for use with any pair of sneakers, these rollers feature adjustable sizing to help transition easily between walking and skating – plus LED light up wheels make sure that they stand out!

Players using Neon Street Rollers will exhibit a front flip animation when they jump from this vehicle, making it one of the few that allows players to jump while using it and one of only few vehicles that displays such animation when used for jumping. Furthermore, it can be found across most environments apart from houses.

Product Specifications

The Neon Street Rollers are an exciting wheel set designed for kids that allows them to add some rolling upgrade to their sneakers. Similar to Heelys or rollerblades, but featuring two wheels instead of just one at the base. Kids can use a button on the base width adjustor so their rollers fit securely around their shoes.

Adopt Me’s Roller Skates are unique among vehicles in that they require standing while using it (similar to Heart Hoverboard and Butterfly Roller Skates). Furthermore, this vehicle uses a distinctive roller-skating animation when moving.

Neon Street Rollers can be purchased at Vehicle Dealership for just 199.

Product Reviews

Roller Skates are an enjoyable and simple vehicle to help kids zip around an island quickly. Not only can they encourage movement, but their design adds extra fun: children can adjust the width of the base according to foot size; plus the rollers are secure when strapped on securely.

These skates are also very eye-catching and their colors are exquisite; from pearly Moon Rose to gunmetal grey Mint Flash and black White Princess. Additionally, their lining matches boot color without becoming overly bright or easily scratching or fading over time.

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