Roller Derby Firestar Youth Skates

Roller skates provide an exciting and speedy means of transportation for kids and adolescents, who love showing off their skating prowess both inside a skating rink or on smooth surfaces outside. Roller skating has quickly become one of the most beloved pastimes among these age groups.

When choosing roller skates for your child, look for snug but comfortable fits – one size up from their shoe size may give them room to grow!


Roller Derby Firestar Youth Skates

  • About this item
  • Sport shoe design with Velcro & lace closure boot
  • Lightweight torsion beam frame
  • 54mm Urethane wheels
  • 608Z Excellerator bearings

Safety First

Introducing your child to roller skating requires teaching them balance first. Although each child may require time, finding their ideal point of balance will allow for seamless skating experience. Once this step has been accomplished, they’ll be ready for more difficult tasks like tricks.

Start them off right by starting them out on a soft surface like grass or an indoor skating rink; this will enable them to fall safely, landing on their knees instead of back or butt. Be sure to also wear protective gear such as helmets and wrist guards when teaching your children how to skate!

Your child should stand with feet shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent, and ask them to lift one foot off of the ground and place it in front of the other several times until they feel confident enough to start skating. If they lose their balance, remind them to extend arms out in a v shape to restore stability.

As another good idea, consider purchasing skates that are one size smaller than their typical shoe size to prevent slipperiness and blisters from occurring when putting on skates. Have your child loosen and tuck the laces into ankle cuffs of each skate, grab their lowest cross laces with both hands, then pull tight until firmly tighten them firmly before closing Velcro straps on both skates with safety buckles attached securely – finally they may close Velcro straps to ensure safety buckles remain attached at all times!


If your kid wants to try roller skating or rollerblading, they’ll require shoes with comfortable soles that provide ample padding in order to prevent blisters while they develop balance skills. Furthermore, their feet must remain secure so the shoes won’t slip off while skating around.

Kids’ roller skates come in various sizes and many feature adjustable sizing that grows with your child, saving both money and frustration by not needing new shoes every few months. Look for shoes with either lace-up or buckle closures; laces provide greater security and can be adjusted for an ideal fit, while buckles may loosen over time.

Decisions on where your kid should skate will depend on their skill level and fearlessness. Beginners may benefit from starting indoors on smooth, level surfaces until they gain confidence before transitioning outdoors onto pavement areas.

Roller skating can be an engaging way for kids to spend their free time. Not only can it strengthen muscle strength and increase balance and coordination, it can also strengthen parent-child bonds while creating social interaction among peers.


Kids change quickly, so it is essential that skates adjust to fit their feet safely and securely while skating. Many skates on the market feature adjustable sizes between three and four that will enable your child to continue using their skates even once they have outgrown them. Most models feature either buckles or laces as fast ways of getting on and off; laces may provide more customized fits than buckles do.

Roller skates and roller blades provide children with an ideal way to exercise outdoors while having fun. Their main difference lies in that roller skates typically feature wheels arranged in pairs as opposed to all in a line; roller blades typically offer greater stability and balance during skating sessions due to a rigid baseplate providing stability during their skating adventures.

Both types of skates can help children improve their balance, coordination and strength while developing their coordination and strength. When skating with either type, make sure your kids wear protective equipment such as helmets, knee pads and wrist guards to reduce falls or injuries from skating accidents. For an affordable way to start skating for the first time with kids, the Lenexa Go Gro Adjustable Roller Skate Bundle offers everything necessary to start their journey!


If your child is an avid skater, you might consider purchasing them single row rollerblades to increase maneuverability and allow for jumping and tricks. Of course, this should only happen after he or she has established solid balance on both feet and is comfortable moving about in public spaces.

Your children should also learn how to stop on skates properly. They should begin by leaning stationary and using body weight to press on one foot at a time, followed by doing the same on both feet. Once they gain confidence with this, allow them to slowly glide while keeping their posture, then confidently dig their toe stop into the ground to slow down and stop themselves.

Consider investing in adjustable skates like the Trac Star Youth Girl’s Roller Skates from Amazon (view at Amazon). These affordable roller skates can expand up to four sizes at the push of a button, helping your child avoid spending unnecessary money and getting maximum use out of them. Furthermore, being adjustable makes these skates both safe for indoor and outdoor skating!

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