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Its neon atmosphere and music was an irresistibly fun blend of hip hop, R&B, and club hits; plus it was immaculately clean – something not many skate rinks can boast about!

Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie shot their upcoming Greta Gerwig movie at this rink; here you can even purchase their trademark neon rollerblades!


Roll skating may seem like an art form limited to millennials, but its popularity in New York City continues to spread through lessons at Wollman Rink and SKATEROBICS’ weekly lessons for both adults and kids of all ages, from beginner beginners to advanced skaters. Instructors at both locations are trained to work with all students regardless of skill levels; beginners to expert skaters alike.

Tanya Dean, founder of SKATEROBICS, offers classes at various venues around New York (such as St Albans Park in Crown Heights or Brooklyn Museum) or on weekends at United Skates of America in Long Island. On a recent winter evening she welcomed over 100 enthusiastic strangers for class – all dressed warmly for class!

SKATEROBICS experts teach basic skating fundamentals during hour-long lessons, from standing up on your skates to moving forward and stopping, all while providing a full workout–burning up an average of 600 calories in an hour!

And they make the experience enjoyable: instructors encourage, praise, and applaud students’ accomplishments – it gives an overwhelming feeling of empowerment according to Melody Olivera of Bronx, 29, a 29-year-old creative consultant who first experienced SKATEROBICS classes during March’s pandemic outbreak. Olivera had been an active skater as a child but never thought she’d return to it as an adult.

2. Riverbank State Park

Riverbank State Park in Harlem offers the perfect place to relive your youth or simply experience what all the fuss is about – or both! With its 1,200-square-foot roller skating rink featuring concrete flooring, white dasher boards, acrylic glass sides and online skate rental services – making this nostalgic indoor spot an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon. Rated at 4.9 stars from Pacer community members and equipped with skate rentals to reserve online; Riverbank State Park makes for the ideal spot for connecting with friends or family while skating!

The world-first urban rooftop park rises 69 feet above the Hudson River and features various recreational activities, such as an Olympic-size pool and covered skating rink for roller and ice skating during the summer, an 800-seat cultural theater, 2,500-seat athletic complex, as well as more.

Amphitheater performances and the whimsical Totally Kid Carousel (drawings by children from neighborhood children used as characters on its ride) are also highlights of this state-of-the-art facility. As an added treat, Glow Skate nights feature dimmed lights and funky disco music to provide you with an amazing neon roller skating near me experience – admission costs $12 per person with conventional skate rental included!

3. United Skates of America at Atlas Park

Are You Searching for Neon Roller Skating Near Me in Brooklyn? Look no further than Alicia Keys-approved pop-up that’s taking over Atlantic Terminal Mall through June 4. This black-owned rink was established out of a desire to commemorate the evolution of roller disco and provide an experience for all types of skaters. Located over 9000 Square Feet will include an arcade, lounge, podcast studio and snack bar – as well as temperature checks upon check-in; masks for guests and staff; social distancing throughout; as well as stations sanitizing and closing up after each session to ensure cleanliness and safety.

United Skates of America at Atlas Park takes its skating game to another level with an all-ages facility dedicated to reviving the glory days of skating. They host themed skate nights like Stranger Things Skate Night or Anime Skate Night as well as public and free admission skate sessions; additionally it is popular choice for children’s birthday parties, school field trips or corporate events.

Follow modern dancer Keon Saghari as she finds balance on eight wheels at this vibrant skating community that doubles as both lifestyle and sport. She credits skating with helping keep her creative juices flowing despite any burnout she may be feeling as a professional performer.

4. Roller Motion Skate Center

Roller Motion Skate Center offers the ideal place to hit the rink with friends or family. They provide skate rentals for newcomers as well as snacks and beverages to fuel a fun-filled skating session, wearable drink pouches so you can keep both hands free for skating, as well as pre-, mid-, and post-session sanitation protocols to protect everyone and ensure maximum hygiene for sanitized sessions – COVID-19 precautions require that all guests wear masks when entering.

Luther Bernstein started skating at 11 and quickly made a name for himself in the industry. Since then, he has competed in speed skating competitions, coached leading champions, built roller skating rinks, served as mentor to other rink owners/operators during pandemic outbreaks, and continues providing educational risk management seminars to RSA members.

Roll Happy in London is the place for neon and dance fun with like-minded individuals! Their social meet up/roller skating experience provides both. Their expert instructors teach all levels of ability while beginners classes are also provided; plus they can bring along their own rollerskates if needed!

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